«Bund» of Poland - The case of Henryk Erlich and Victor Alter

APPEAL.. ~ M. MOLOTOV ASKED TO RELEASE ERLICH ANO ALTER On a day some time ago, th; ellecutioner, in a prison in Kuii and Victor Alter, who had dei of Freedom and the welfare of The following is thc tcxt of a cable, scnt to the Soviet Foreign Minister, M. Molotov, on January 271h, 1943, by a group of leading citizens of the United States, requesting once more the release of H. Erliçh and V. Alter: IT IS NOW MORE THAN A YEAR THAT HENRYK ERLICH AND VICTOR ALTER TWO PROMINENT LEADERS OF JEWlSH MASSES POLAND WERE RE-ARRESTED IN KOUIBYCHEV STOP MOST PROMINENT REPRESENTATIVES OF FREEDOM LOVING PEOPLE THROUGHOU1' THE WORLD OF BRITISH ANO AMERICAN LABOR MOVEMENTS REPEATEDLY REQUESTED TiiEIR RELEASE IN VAIN STOP TODA Y WHEN UNIVERSAL PUBLIC OPINION UNITES IN CONOEMNATION OF NAZl CRIMINALS WHO ARE MURDERING IN COLO BLOOD ENTIRE JEWISH POPULATION POLAND WE RENEW IN NAME OF JUSTICE ANO HUMANITY OUR REOUEST FOR RELEASE OF THESE OUTSTANDING COURAGEOUS FJGHTERS AGAINST FASCISM AND NAZISM HENRYK ERLICH ANO VICTOR ALTER WILLIAM GREEN, Prcsidcnt, Amcriean Fcdcration of Labor. Professor ALBERT EINSTEIN. Re,. HENRY SMJTH LEIPER, Excaui•-c: &c~ary, Uni,·er$al Chl'\$lian CounciJ. OAVID OUBINSKY, Prcsi<knt, lntemational Ladies' Garmcnt Workcrs' Union. Or. ALVIN JOHNSON, Director, New School (or Socia! Rde3.n;h. ADOLPH HELD, Chairrnan, Jcwi,h L3bour Commintt. LEO KRZYCKI, Prcsidcn1, Amcrican Slav CongrcSS. Dr. FII.ANK KINGDON. JOSEPH WEINBERG, Prnidcnt, Workmcn"$ Cin:k:. 11.EINIIOLD NIEBUHR, Chairman. Union for OemocraHc Action. CLINTON S. GOLDEN, Assistant Prcsidcm. United Stcclv•orkcrs of America. Dr B. HOFFMAN, PR:Sidenl, Jcv.ish Writers' Union. RAYMOND GRAM SWING. J. B. S. HARDMAN, Amalpmated Clothin1 Workers, Editor Officiai Pras. PHILIP MURRAY, Pl't$Ìdent, ConlffS-1 of Industriai Orpnisations. Biblioteca Gino Bianco