«Bund» of Poland - The case of Henryk Erlich and Victor Alter

e died at the hands of the shev, two men, Henryk Erlich cated their lives to the cause heir fellow men. ...AND ANSWER M. LITVINOV ADMITS THE EXECUTION EMBASSY OF THE SOVIET UNION, WASHINGTON, D,C,' February 23, 1943 Dear Mr. Green, I am informed by Mr. Molotov, People's Commissar of Foreign Affairs, of the receipl by him of a telegram signed. by you concerning lwo Soviet cilizens, Alter and Erlich, I am inslrucled by Mr. Molotov lo inform you of the following facls · For aclive subversive work againsl the Soviet Union and assislance lo Polish inlel\igence organs in armed activities, Erlich and Alter were senlenced lo capitai punishmenl in August, 1941 Al the request of the Polish Governmenl, Erlich and Alter were released in September, 1941 However, afler they were set free, al the lime of the mosl desperale baltles of lhe Soviet troops against lhe advancing Hitler army, they resumed their hostile activilies including appeals to lhe Soviet troops to stop bloodshed and immediately lo conclude peace with Germany, For this they were rearrested and, in December, 1942, senlenced once more lo capitai punishment by the Military Collegium of lhe Supreme Courl. This sentence has been carried out in regard lo both of them, Yours sincere\y, Ambassador MAXIM LITVINOV Biblioteca Gino Bianco