«Bund» of Poland - The case of Henryk Erlich and Victor Alter

FOREWORD The Represenratives of the Generai Jewish Workers' U11io11"Bund" of Poland (affiliated to the Labour and Socialist !111ernatio11al) publish rhis pamphlet Jor reasons of po/irica/ morality, They hai·e 10 defend, before the world in war, the memory of two comrades who have been execured fora crime they have nor commirred. They do so, with reluctance and regret, because of the fact thar this cruel act has been committed by an aflied Power. They do so, although they know thar they shall be accused of trying to disrurb the fight on a united battle front. Nevertheless, they cannot //esitate one momeni. They e1•en should 1101 hesirate if rhey had no direct proofs of rhe innocence of their comrades, because they and i1·e have known them Jor many years as loyalfighters (or Democracy. But they do possess the proofs of their innocence, and the reader wi/1 find them in this pamphlet. He wi/1 be ab/e to Jorm his ow,1 opinion-based 011doc11ments. The reasons givenfor rheir exewtio11 are unworthy. They are more. They are st11pid. I shall 1101try to deduce rhe real reasons of this slander. They are ob1•ious. Alter and Erlich are 1101 the 011/yvictims. Bw in rhis case the i111e111iownas to strike ar rhe head in order ro decapitare a move• meni. The rep/y will be that ll'e sha/1 continue our fight for Socia/is111and Democracy 011 /ines 1rhich had been for a time aiso the Jines of the execwioners, all(/ w/u'ch they will ha_veto.follow, i11 a near fwure, even if executions of Socia/ists continue. CamiJJe Huyynans. L011do11,Aprii 5th, 1943. Biblioteca Gino Bianco