«Bund» of Poland - The case of Henryk Erlich and Victor Alter

and principlcs of thc committee were drawn up and sent to Stalin for his approvai following thc advice of thc Commiss.ar Beria. The day on which they sent their lcttcr to Stalin they wrote to Beria as follO\\-'S:- Foltowing our oonvM'&llion with you, wo held fl number of conforenees inordertoworkout indctai!thcplanllt1grecduponduringthatoonw:r sation. Asa rosult ofthe<.coonforen<X'fl tlmJewiah Anti.HitlerCommittoo Afidressed 11, letter to the Ch11innan of tho Council of Poople'sCommÌlll!&rs ofthe U.S.S.R. requ<.'eting permissio,! 10 orge.niso such n Co,nmiUeo in thoU.S.$.H. Woencloscoopyoftln$ lett<)r. At tho snmo tin>'} wo would liko to ASk you. estoonwd Llwronty P1wlovich, lo help us to SJX'«i up tho mnttcr townrds n st1tisfnctory solution. \\.ithSocialistgrooting;,. H. Erlieh. \'. Alter • .\loscow,Octuber, 1941. This letter lcaves no doubt as to thc attitudc of Erlich and Alter an<lthc activities towards which they were determined to direct their energies. It must be emphasised that the programmc of activities was drawn up on the initiative of thc Soviet authorities and with thcir full agrecment. October. Hl-li Tù 'rHE CHAI.RllAK OF THE COUNCIL Of' PEOPLE'S CùlThll$SAB$ or· 1'Hg U.S.S.R. J. V, $TAU!\'. Estoomocl JOJl>f Vffl$arionovitch, Civilieod mnnkind wM ncwer beforo foeed with dnngers liko the pr<':ll<:mt, Hitlor and Hitlcrism aro 11dClldly rncnr,co to ali nchievemcntii of culture, to tho indcpendcnce ofall natlons, nnd tho freedo,n ofnll peoplce. Tho outcomo of thc gignntic bnttlcs now fought on tho vnst plnina of tho U.S.$.R. will decide for yenrs to come tho fate of working•clfli!il movemcnts, thefotoofnllrnankind 'l'ho fight against th090 dnnger11 demnndll suprcm.e eftor111of nll thoso who oro resolvocl to snwi then»1eh-os, their culture, their country and tho wholo world from tho horrors of fo'llllCÌllbt arbnrism 100 by Hitler. Hitler ain>Snt tho subjection of nll countri<.'ll l\nd pooploswithout oxooption, but hÌll persccution of the Jo~ is particulnrly cruc,l. He draga through tho mud tho hum1m nnd nnrionnl d1gnity of tho JowÌllh peoplc, ho plac<.'6it outsido oll law, ovcn bis OWll fo'1111<::ilaei.w. Ho I\Ìms nt tho CO>Ilflioto ('XICMJJÌnation of tho Jews. Thnt tho Jcwish mtl88C6 must light Hitl,:,ri.sm with pe.rticulnr cnergy umi tho grenteet s,;Jf.!lllCrifico. '1'his ia truooftheJ<iwishcitizeru,ofthoaooountrieeinwhfohthe thrcntof Hitler'• barborian rulc Ima alrcndy bocome cruel renlity. This is eqw.lly truc of thcJcwishciti7.cnsof11llotheroountries. Undcr such circumstnnoe,i, the wulcl'l!-Ìgned. "" reprosentntives of JowÌllh populntionij of oountrios violntod by Hitlerism, oonsidcr it oasontinl to fonn a spocinl Jewish Anti.Hitler Committec, being tho InitiMi,•o.Oroup of this Committeo wo nppronch you, est-0emod J080ph VÌllllnrionovitch, in your wpaciLy li.i! tho Chninnan of tho Counci! of Fco1>lo's Commiilllnni of tho 17 Biblioteca Gino Bianco