«Bund» of Poland - The case of Henryk Erlich and Victor Alter

in tho Pofo!h lnt<>lligcnoo Sc"·ioo." li wna only th.,mka to tho Polish-Russinn paot thot thor w.:,ro ro11'8<1(.i'<nI Scptcmb,:,r, 1941. from tho Soviot pri90n. Rtko~ed. l,ut noi m,lly /rwl f Tho lnrg_esi,u\lll,:,~ of rofug<'('8, Poli$h eitizcns. who at that timl", 88 a J"Ollult of tho Poli.sh-Russum agr,x,ment. wero n>ll"aaod from Ru3$ian prisona and wnccntmtion cnmps. wo~1ld l"{'CCÌVO s1)C(:ial documenta wnccming their ro• 1,,nso; Erlich and Aher d1d notgot 8ueh docmn,:,nta 1 Appan>1>tly 1ho Soviet - ~~''!r;~l'8i-:;;t:t :::~~~~·~::t 18:: ;;;::i1:f1::. 1,!!~~·-c: .°~~:~t1~: :11 ~i·; n,:"tarN.>$t! hmnediotd~· nfìer lw,·ing tho $ovict gaol. Erlich and Alter 11t,nt ,. cablo from )loscow to Kow York in which thoy dcclarod: •· ll'e <tl'e con1inui,1g 11,e wmmon ~lr"!J9le agai~I f,àM:iam a>«t /or Sooffili~m f " In lino with 1his. thcy-flll Poli.sh 1111tion111$th,rough tho ins1rum,:,n1ality of tho Polish f'mbMl!y in )loscow-issucd n cali to tho Jowish r,:,fug<'('8of Polish oi1izcnshi1> l~ated in Soviet RUll8ia, to jo_in th!! Polòsh o.rmy lhen beintt formed on Sovi,:,t sotl wìth tho OOlll!ffilot fthe Sov,ot Oo,·omm,:,nt. Thoy ealled thom '"to arn13 •·-to anne<I J>arlicipat,ion in tho $trugglo of the Unite,:! N,uions for frcodom-··Jor tlie de/ò.-cra>iu o/ Pola•ui ,md o/ 11,e e111iu worlJ /rom //,e eJ)fct•e of 81,,11,n 8/ai,ery " Thc~· wcro froo for n fc"· wccks only .. At midnight OOtwccn .l)c(:cmber 3rd nnd 4th. 1941. thl\y wcre sununoned ·' JUSt fora while •·ton So,·ict ollìoo ,nul ,,._,w•re1111>1'lml\kt1gain. Xow wc lo,,n, from offiei11.ISoviot f!OUroolJ in America. 1h11t they "-.;,re 11ent<:nct.'li to df'<Hh nnd ('"ccuted in l)c(,cmber, 1942. $u:retly. ,mder m11sterioue circtm~t<mcu, wWumt 11,e 8/iql,tul pub/fo c-ontrol, or even 11eml;lanoo of~uoh oontrol. 1rnd on thoabe,,rdaml ehame/11/cha"')t that thoy hn<l, fonsoo1h, ·'111-g~'<I So\'it'I i<Oldierillo stop thc blOOWlhOOand mnko imme<lintefl('aoowith Gem,1111.·.'" Wo noto, 'rho fon:mOl!t labour lcaders of tho Unitod St.al-08 and l':ngl11nd, 1mm who ropI'Cl!Cnt millùme o/o,-g<mì-luw-lvtrs. continually urg,xl thc frccing of ~;rlioh nnd Alter. Rcpret!Cntativt'O'Iof the Europesn underground, "8 \\-.;,Il Al! fomo11s intollcctual ami well,kno""' l)O)litieal lwderi!, lowhorn milliorl!! list.:-n, joino<l in thl""6 p[Nlij. 'J'he Polish Oo,·emrnont interoeded ooOJ1t11ntly. Oihcr offici1\I figurc.,in the camp of1ho Unite<I N'ations alJJo lnbour•ed for tho rolel>IICof Erlich nml Alt.:r. AII. not evcn excludiug lho swom dcfcndcr;, of O\'Crythin~ Soviet Rua,;,ia dO<'S(the latt<:r in their heart$), wcll know ,md know ~;rlieh ond Alter's attitu<I<: to tho atruggle ngninst Nozi.sm. l-'fWliam. nnd tho wholo earnpof ,\xis<:ountriCfl. Theerirnecomrnitted by "'1\yofanswcr toall tllCf!O pl<'l!.sfor the fn:-cing of Erlich ami Alt<:r is Il Walle,iqe u, pubi«: opinio,1 iu fhe <ltmoeratie u:or/<I. The nttcmpl IO rcpI'Cl!CntErlich and Alter M Nnzi ngcnts is Il shnmeful 11ml wnt.<:mptiblo libel. Tlmso who know th<:m 11ro ineHJ_111blof en11ting 11ny All(>Cl'llionsUJ)O)nti><:spot](,jJIJchnmokril of Henryk Erloeh nnd Victor Alter. u1)0)nthf'ir11b$olutodovotionto1hoiridcalsoflibert,y, prog,"(""88n,nd humnnit)·, upon their bright an<l M<:red memory. '"'"'- upon lhe two '»<!r(yr8. l;ut upon thOlle who murdenJd them,will tho stnin oftho perpctrnted çrnne l'()'lt forever. AuJon.ling to the Soviet oommunieation. Erlicl1 nnd Alter w,:,ro triod nnd c"~utc,:l Al!" Sovi<:t citizcns.'' 'J.'o this wc rcply (Hnd we h11,·o inwntcst/Wlo proofsinoursupport),- 1'hf' sup1Xll!C<I"Sovioteitizcnship" of Erlich nml ,\ltcr ls noi, merci~· in glaring oonflict, with tho fnet thai, both wero bon, in thoee pMta of Poland 28 Biblioteca Gino Bianco