«Bund» of Poland - The case of Henryk Erlich and Victor Alter

THl-: JEWJSl:I BUND Ol-' POLAND EX.PRESSE$ .ITS HORROR At tt »1oment tdwi 1/ae tor,,w,tW Jtwisl, p<;puU,tio" tt/ ,\'a:i-ruled Em·ope ~ bleeding to dwth, u,hen thou4'imd,, o/ our brother8 aiul 8~/ers. W>IO>l!I tl1em the. 11oble!ll m1d 1,,-a,,,..,t _., o/ our ,no pie. 1,re bei>lg /mtd1ered doily-<it 1/u".t mttmomt o/ Hitlu'.t »1<1"/ hon-ible flll'O":ilie.tltfJ<J1°t1th.tet Jews. ojficW.l StttJid r~rtUlllali•"'" 111A"'erica h1we "'11</e ,,ubl,c the "'"" thot 11,el1<V! >11<1in lu,ders o/ the Ge»erol Jewùh lVorl·er.t' U11ior, o/ J>QUmd wuJ ti~ ir,tdkdual ir,spir-tu o/ the Je,cish .,,.,/erground strugg/t; ogaim,t tht; Nmi.t, Heuryk Erlil:h ami l'ictor A//t;r, /,oo,t bui, u«t<wl i,, a So•iet pri.t0n. The J:>l\rl,plnycdby thc.io two men in the J(•wi;,h, the Poli~h. ,md the intemn• tionallabourmovemcnt; th<1horriblcdood fl('rpctmtod UJ)On1hc.-m;the;,h111ncful libel fnbrie/1.t<XIagninilt thcm; thcir honour Mcl th? bono•~• of the J<1wish 111,u;.,i,etso, whom Erlich mul_Altcr have l><.'Cn "'"! w,11N..'fnampamgom,-nll thi8 ,nove,, ua. the cl()f!('llt fricnds 11nd oomnule<1-111-11nnoaf theso murdc.....:I men, lo makc thc following doclamtion to thc publie · Hcnryk l-;rlich W"8 .,xocutcd in hiil 61;,t ycar, Victor Alter in his G2nd. Both stood from thoiroorli<'l!tyouth in tho fron1 rnnksof1h0Jewish and intor• nR!iomd lnOOurn)O,·cmont. firstin thod!l)'30ftheCni.r,rnd 111!<'.'nr.ftortho fin,t, World W,ir, in indupcn(k-nt Pol11ml. E,·creinoclOISthoyworothvn..'Cogni~lpoliticala,rnlinicllretunlfotulcn1 of thc J<1wÌ8hlabour mo,·cmcnt ,md, through il. of !ho bro,1d Jowi.sh llll\&jefl of Poland. • Uy word of,nouth nnd pcn; iu thoustrnd;,oft1r1icl"'! in tho dally ,md periodica! lnbonr pl'l"l!>I; in book~ and pmnphlct;, in 1hc.-Yi<ldi~h. Poli8h. ·r•r,:,nch. snd Engll$h tongu~>e: Ili oountl""'l Jc"·iah llrHI Poliah moctin~. con· for,:,nCO'.'osnl,d oon~; from tho plntfonn of 1!10 "'"""'"' Munlci])81 Council; nt intcmationnl Socintiat nntl Lnbour con)!:~. confer,:,nce,,, Rnd cx~'Cutive l!Ce'ion-indc.-fati)!'.nbly ,rnd unflinching thc.-y rou$C<lnnd fOi!tc.....:I tho bclicf in a now world, a world of J<'roodom. DcmocrflCy, nnd Socinli1,m. Unforgctrnblo is thoir ])llrt in tho OO!tlo w,lg<!<Iin Polond ug.. inst FRSCi~nl, N"11zism,nnti•Scmitiam. lnd('l!Ctibilblc ia tlw low• Rnd l'Cl!!)('CI,th<' est<.'<'rn nnd eonfidcnoc in whieh thoy wcro hcld by thc Jc"·ish mAAi!Ot'.>nld intolligent• sia not only in Polm><I.but far bcrond hcr bord,•n,, hero in Americ11. too. They alwa~'$ ~tood in tho v!'ry 1hick of tho f,ght ag,iin~t Polish ttaction nnd wcro intim11tcly IUlSO<)Ì/llctwl ith o,·cry1hing in Poli8h ami intcmRtionRI ~[.:;:hl:~;,,"~~\~~i'~~::·.t::;~~i;'~.~1;,~·r~~:~=loin. b~- the ;,m,ggle agninat From their pcn c11me. »t th<Joutbro.,k of thc pref!enl wnr. Scptcmbcr 1st. 1030, the flRmÌnj,:0111o1fthe Ccntml Committcc oflhe Ccneml JcwiRh Workcrs' Unionof PohmdtothcJcwiah .,,,.,;,.;,e,,toapnrcuoeuurgi('l!or saeriflOCl'Ibut tothrowthcmscl\'e,,hC>lrt nndaoul into theholywarforthl•d<'l!tr.,ction,.nd »nnihilatiou of Hitlcrism nnd F11scism. The import,mt 1>11rtplnycd by tho Jewish worki.ng IM'OPleofWRrs/lw in lhc irnmOrlRI <lcfcnre of that bclcugucn.-.J ci1y, w11ain IRrg<i,neMuro the fntit of t/iefr inilit,.nt spirit, the ò!eed thoyhad plnntctlin1hehrortsofthe,JcwishmMO!CI!. At thc lJ:o:'ginningof Octob,,>r, 11)30,thcy wcro arn.•,m,d in the ef<l!tcn, part of Polm,d nnmediately 11ftcr thc occup11tion of thOl!Creglons by the So,·icts. Tor •wo yOOnl th,:, S.wict Co,·cmmcnt kcpt thcm in jRil. And without lhe s/ighlut pt<blfo «mtrol. nny. ovcn without nny prctenoo of control. thoy wcr,i both at finn oondcnmed to dC>lth 11nd thcn (whcn Ru$!ia nnd CerrnRny wcro nlro11dy at war) thcir l!Clltcnre wflll "gmciouBly '' oommut<'<I lo 10 yoora' imprisom,>C'nl,, on the aMurd chnri,:(<'1hn1 they h,id, for;w)()th, •· !aken pnrt 27 Biblioteca Gino Bianco