«Bund» of Poland - The case of Henryk Erlich and Victor Alter

6. Simila.r a.ctivitieR t-0 thoeo outlined abovc for tho U.S.A. t.o l>u initi>r.t.ed in Oreat Brit«.in. taking account of tho oonditionB provlliling in th.at country. i. ThoJ.A.C. •·ili uec pro1Wlg:tl<ldaby wordofmouth 1111well-t™' printod wordin11llpoe,,iblew11ys I). 'l'>n:: 01t(;ANl.\l,lTl0NAL STRO"m"UJUI: 01' Tl<II: J.A.C. I. The projeoted oompollilion of the J.A.C. i11tho U.S.S.R.: llflv,m repn,. llentatives of Jewillh populationB in oow,uieoo under Hitler"a rule, a,,d 0,1,0 ,....prc!ICI>tativceach of the Jcwi@h po11Ulation11in the U.S.S.R., the U.S.A .• ami Crcat Britoin. respooti,·cly. 2. 'Jncactivitieoi of theJ.A.C. to be dirooted by II l"nt-sidiurn of thn'o.': Erlich, Chainnan; Alter. Socretary. 3. The J.A.C. in the U.S.$.R. propoac,, to olect AA honorary membon1 jobtnining. of oounie. Jlr<Niou11ly thdr agreement) ropn;.,eentativc,i of tho SoV>Ct CoveMunent, the Ami-10,.. of tho U.S.A .• Creat Uriuiin. 11ud PolonJ. 611wcll as n numbcr of out.standing pcrl'IOnalitiee from ,·arioU8 hranehee ofpuhliclifo(eciencc,art.indW!try,otc.) in tho U.S.S.R.andothoroountrios. 4. TheJ.A.C. mfly nppoìnt iu, rcpl"Ci!O'..ntntin'II t.o the main oentroaof JewÌllh rcfngoo 11ettlemenlll in the U.S.S.R.. and A-bo in othtt oountriN. Suci, aro the principi"" and the 11.im11of the propo@ed Committoo. We ho1>0 tha.t lho Council of Poople"@ Commisaanl of the U.S.S.R. will have no objoction t-0 it11formation. V. ALTEII. is 1:o~~~r ~s~~~c :~~:;h;;~~~h b h!rl:~~~o :Ji~\~l;~cwah thc Jewish population in German-ocçupied Poland as reproduced below. EXTRACTS 1-'ROM DRAF7-S OF A MANIFESTO TO THE JEWSPOLISH CITIZENS •. Do noi gi,·e u11 hope ! •n,e day of jus1ice 1,nd ~koning "·il! nrrive. Hiltcr1md )11sMtellit-Ot1h11ve be,en outlnwed by thegroatmajority_ ofthepoople of thc world. AgQinst thern st11nd to-dny throo po"·erful llghtmg 1u1t1011;,- Crcn.t Britain. tho Uuited Str,wa. nnd the U.S.S.R. 'rhe CeMnan li<~"lt witl receive a knock-out. . . We cali upon ~·ou lO fight. Be brave in b&ttle. M11yyour lì~ht to-d")" be your prido to-morrow. On the third 11nnh·en1My o( the day on which Hitler bcg11nhis World W11r, he i~ boMting of the conqu<'.lflUI he ha;, made, of tho ,•ietori<'.lflho ha11ochie,·00 o,·cr the defencelct!8. But h<, doee not mention Cennan towrui which ha,·o suftcrcd from BritishandAm<'ricA-nbo,nbl!. nordoeoiheapcakoftheg..,..t continent of the U.S.S.R. wloiclo mnk~ the Re<.l AMny invincible. He d01.111 1101 ll-llythnt hi11'· blit,r; ·• in thc, Ea.st lu1.11rniscarrk-<l. nor thntAo,cric"n ru,d British indu,nry 11ml 1he inexhau,nible rc&oureeti in men of the U.S.S.R. ..-il] togcther crus.h Hi1lcr GeMnllny. . Ami in Polnnd, wh<'ro millioo~ aro sufkring intolcrnbly. tho JO\l'Ìslo popullltion lll\.L'lt unitu in one thought. ali our cftortll for tho Btrugglo with HitJ,,ri;,m. We "111111 lii"'-"' ncither strcngth nor 1111Crilìoounti! out mori.al encmyhai1be,:,nd.,,,1royed. 'l'ho J·cwi$h anti-Hitler Com,nittcc 111,athc lu.iik of riollying tho Jewish lllll$ll)S throughout the "·orld to take part in tlm stmi(gle. to help with 1111 thcir might !h<)Ol(-whn are engO\S«I io th,:, IMlttle "·ith th<' enemy ofmankind nnd the morllll en,•my of the Jcwish people--the ba.ttle with Hitlcriam. 19 Biblioteca Gino Bianco