«Bund» of Poland - The case of Henryk Erlich and Victor Alter

FACfS AND DOCUl\lEl"'l'S Mr. Blit. on rcccMng orders 10 lea,e Kuibis!N:v. joined the Polish Army in 1he U.S.S.R. and 1ogcther wi1h them left Russia. He arrived in thiscoun1ry reccntly. His story is subslantiatcd by documents whkh reached the Representa• tionoftheBundin London. Let us now come to the documents. Erlkh and Alter were frrst arrcstcd by the Soviet authorities late in Scptembcr, 1939. Arrestcd at the samc time were hundreds of Jcwish and Polish Socialists. Erlich and Alter were semenccd 10 death on a chargc which was afterwards dismisscd ,,,ith apologies by 1he Sm'lCt authori1ies, who assurcd them that the action taken had been a mis1ake. M. Litvinov stales in his leucr thai after Erlich and Alter were sei free, they resumed thcir hostile activities ngainst the U.S.S.R. which includcd appeals to thc Soviet troops to stop fìghting and for the immediate conclusion of peace with Hitler. This stau:ment is ridicutous and astonishing. Jt is quite sure thai the Soviet aulhorities could addoce no evidcncc 10 suppon lheir chargc. Wc. on the contrary. possess documentnryc1•idcnce that Erlich and Alter wcre acting quite differently. To show 1he re.al auitude of Erlich and Alter towards Hitler Germany wc quote some of the documents in our po~ion. This is their lettcr to thc Polish Amb:tssador TC\'Ca!ingthcir ideas and plans immediatcly aftcrrcgainingthcirfrccdom inSeptcmber, 1941. )lOilCOW, 24th Septemòcr, 19H. Your Excellency. Tu·o ycon ago, "·lwn thc pri$on !(>'t<'tlcloo,e,;l Jx,himl liii, w~ rcpro9ented thel11rguit1,oliticalJ)ftrtyarnongthcJc,.11inl'olaml. Wccnjoyodthc(ullc8L oonfKl,•noo of tlw, J.,,.·i;ch ""-· To-<Uly. ,.-J~n ,..., ,.,,, 111bk-to rclum I<>our ....,,;,.., poli1ieal 11ml ltOCÌIIII tir,-.".., hope that we IJlill h.K,.... tl,e right IO •1-k onbchllllfofthedem.....,,.. lnthliunpreeetl<.'nt,'<ln1oruc11tinhistory.wen-g11nlit~ourduty10,ub,nit loxour Exrellcuc~,, ,,ml. through you. 10 thc eulire l'oli~h oom1nu11ity, our pomt of vie-,· on th•· two rnO<lt irn1,ortnnt probk'tflll of the Jay-war and l"--OOC. Th<J figlu 11gain"1 the Nn,,i3 An<I ;S11zÌ$m. ""'l>loying e.-cry m<.'fln8111our di~pos11l-,1nd. fir>1tnnd forf'Tn081, 11n.un.l(.'(I fight . is theduty of,-very ,mm ,md woman who louthl'tl OOrbllri11mand .-,Uainy, it •• tl>e duty of <W1..'t'y1uttion whi.ch lovCl!rfreedom. ,\,t Sociali;,14 ,1nd citiu,-. of l'oland---11t1ffcriug IIO cruelly at tbe han<lll of llitl.,,. "" join thc rlUlia of ti~ who aro fighting 11g,,.i,wtthis swastika ,noiuitcr. A8 llO)J1Sof tl,e J.-"·i~h people who. ,norc tlUUl M1y. luwe i>e<,,, ill•tl"E'Rt<lll1i.11<I torlurod by Hitler,""" fod it to be Npecially our duty to h<ko pari in thiM atrugglo in dcfonoo of our dignity. through the utnH)llt cxcMion of our cffvrui. To•d•.•Ywl,en n 110wPoli~h ann~: is bcing erc,11ed on thc !!Oilof ti~., U .S:S.R. u:, oontmuo J>olnnd'~ ~trugglu Rgll,UliltHitl,•r, """ IIJll''-~•l to nll Jew,gl, cit,u,ui of l'olond who are ~troog cuough to bear armij. 1111dwho ar;; "t prt.-.t(•,11on U.i-!.fl.R. i.erritory '"'l'o arma! Join tho r,1nk,,. of th,• ..oldi<'""' "·ho u·ill "''<'e •gaio offer lheir Il\•,.. i11drfcn{'() of Poland"• ri~ht 10 frcc,dom o( <.'Xilh.•ncc, who. 111.,..._. ,..;,1, t~ Alllf'<I ,\nnic8. desire to f~ l'ol111Klami thc cntire ..-orld 15 Biblioteca Gino Bianco