«Bund» of Poland - The case of Henryk Erlich and Victor Alter

CONCLUSIONS We Ser.-e the Cause or Truth What are the unshakable facts established by the documents and evidcnce adduced abovc: I. Erlich and Alter wcrc undoubtedly Polish citizcns ; born, in fac1, in the very heart of Poland. During the whole periocl of the independent existence of Poland they lived in Warsaw, the capitai of Poland, where they devoted their energies and activities to the fìght fora dcmocratic Poland, IO the cause of thc Labour Movement and of the Jewish working masses, whose direct rcpresentatives and lcadcrs they were. 2. They wcrc on Polish soil when war brokc out. Thcy werc arrcsted by the Soviet authoritics in Eastern Poland (Erlich in Brzesc and Alter in Kowcl) in Scptcmber, 1939, soon aftcr the occupation of thosc arcav by thc Soviets. They >1-erearrestcd in thc ,·ery days >1hen11\eJcwish working masses, lrue 10 the teaehing and i11struclio11or Erlich and Alter, wc-rccarryingout,shoulderloshoulder >1"ith1hcPolishmasscs,thefamous heroic defence or Warsaw against 11\e01·cr11helrningpower or Hiller·s motoriscd armies. Tbey were kept in Soviet prisons umi] the middle ofScptember, 1941. Thcy wcre then rcleased at the request or the Polish Go1·ernment, which pro,·es that the S01·in Gorernmem diti 1101 then questìon their Polis/1 ciri:e11sltip. Unti] the 4th or December, 1941, when they werc rc-arrcsted, theywercloclgedbythcSovietauthoritiesin lntouristhotelsforforeigncrs, fìrst in Moscow, then. aftcr theevacuation ofthecapital, in Kuibishev. lt is wcll known that persons lodged in those lntourist hotels are closcly watched by agents of the Soviet Secret Police. From the foregoi11g it is evident that they were never really free on the tcrritory or Sovie1 Russia and consequently could 1101have carricd on any subversive ac1ivities against the Soviet Govemment, e\en, if it could be assumed-a suggestion which is merely absurd-that these men suddenly changcd their ideas and tumed pro-Hitler at the \"ery moment whcn their country was under Hitler's yoke and their people were in process of extermination by Hitler·s gangs. Neither, for the same reason, could they have had any opportunity or making appeals to thc Soviet troops, as alleged by the Soviet authorities. 3. The So,·iel police ne,·cr made any anempt lo scarch their holel room either bcfore their rearrest or after, 1s it feasible thai 1hese men could have beeo arrested and confrontcd with such grave chargcs without a seareh havìng been first made in an cffort to disco,·er compromising documents? 4. lt has been conclusively proved thai Erlieh and Aller had devoted thewholeoflheirenergiesand actMtit'S during thcshort pcriod bctwttn release and rearrest 10 a task whose objeel was the ,ery opposilc or thai >1·ith11·hichthey were charged. 5. From the facts and documents procluced it is beyond doubt that Erlich and Aller >1·ereoutspokeo revolutionar)' Socialists and dcvo1ed fìghters against reaclionary mo,·ements such as Fa.scism and Hilkrisn,. 21 Biblioteca Gino Bianco