William E. Bohannan - A letter to american negroes

Published for the SOCIALISTWORKERSPARTY by PIONEER ~ PUBLISHERS 116 University Place New York 3, N. Y. September, 1948 About the Author William E. Bohannan, author of this pamphlet, was barn 35 years ago in Savannah, Georgia, and moved with his family to Newark, N. J., when he was five years old. He had to quit school at the age of 16 to help provide for his younger brothers. Since then, except when he was unemployed, he has earned his living as a worker, playing a prominent role as a member or officer in both CIO and AFL unions. He is a member of the executive board of the Newark branch of the NAACP and was one of the organizers of the Newark unit of the March on Washington Movement. looking for an alternative to the Jim Crow capitalist system, he joined the Socialist Workers Party in 1939. In 1941 he was a candidate for the Newark City Commission and in 1946 he made his first campaign for Congress. In 1947, as candidate for delegate to the New Jersey Constitutional Convention, he received 5 per cent of the votes cost in Essex County. He is the SWP candidate for Congressman from the 11th District in New Jersey in the 1948 campaign. l wish to thank George Breitman, Socialist Workers Party candidate for U. S. Senate from New Jersey, for the e11couragement and help he gave me in preparing this pamphlet. -William E. Bohannan Set up, Printed and Bound by Union Labor Biblioteca Gino Bianco