William E. Bohannan - A letter to american negroes

the candidate who stands for the program you want to see put in action, whether he can win this time or not. There is no value in a winning vote that only serves to keep you in chains. And there is the greatest value in a vote that registers a forceful protest against capitalist oppression and serves warning on the ruling class that you will not rest until you have gained what is rightfully yours. There are also those who will tell you that our program is impractical and impossible. But the really impractical people are the ones who think that you can get better conditions without getting right down to the root of our troubles and fixing things in a fundamental and permanent way. A hundred years ago there were many people who said that the slave system was here to stay, that it was impractical to even think about abolishing it and that the smartest thing to do was I 1lote '4't, 1'°"4 ad ~I I ?M 41(/~ & ?a!U1te't4 ~I to try to get along with slavery while trying to patch things up as much as possible. But they soon learned from their own experience with slavery that they were wrong. Experience with capitalism will produce the same result in our time, and will teach the people that their fate really lies in their own hands. We don't ask you to accept what we say just because we say it. Only· a fool would do that. But we do ask you to think and see for yourselves. We ask you to watch us and our activities and to find out if we practice what we preach, inside our party as well as outside. We ask you to read our literature, to attend our meetings and classes, to hold discussions with our comrades, and to compare our program with that of the other parties. If you do that, we are confident that sooner or later you will come into our ranks and join us in the noble task of building a new world on socialist foundations. To strike a blow against the Jim Crow capitalist system in 1948, vote for the candidates of the Socialist Workers Party! To smash the Jim Crow system altogether, join with the Socialist Workers Party in creating a Workers and Farmers Government! 15 Biblioteca Gino Bianco RAl/2020051 007083